It is common sense for anyone who has been trying to make their way into the beauty industry that: Hygiene is a standard that every individual or Spa facility must achieve.

Maintaining the spa’s cleanliness and sanitation is essential to provide a safe, reputable and comfortable image to the customers. Especially in the chaos of the Covid-19 disease caused by the new strain of coronavirus, which is strongly impacting on the general situation of the beauty care industry, maintaining hygiene at the Spa facilities become more essential than ever!


More and more people are afraid of the virus cross contamination risk in Spa facilities. The drastic decline in the number of clients has pushed some Spas to their limit, forcing them to be temporarily closed down until the situation gets better. For those Spas that are still in good operation, they have been prepared for this. Their secret of survival focuses on keeping the facility sanitary through a series of strict measures.

The sources of infection can come from anywhere: from your customers or from the beauticians  working at the Spa. Keeping Spa hygiene not only helps improve customer experience but also provides the ultimate safety for customers and the technicians themselves against any potential possibility of disease transmission (including the Covid-19).


In addition to maintaining the current hygienic standards, Spa facilities are encouraged to set more stringent Spa standards to accommodate the current complex disease situation.

    • From the employees and the Spa side:
      • At the treatment facility, Spa’s staff and technicians are the ones who have direct contact with customers and are most at risk of infection. Therefore, all Spa staff should be instructed on how to protect their health and how to maintain personal hygiene at the Spa as well as at home.
      • Instruct all staff to know the symptoms of the disease and train them on necessary actions to take if they are suspected of having the disease.
      • Perform sterilization of all facilities and equipment in the Spa more often during the week.
      • Provide coping plans in case of detecting that an infected person has ever been to Spa (staff or client)
      • To encourage the employee’s self-preservation, the Spa can also apply the system of reward and punishment, print notice boards including reminding employees to wear a mask during their shift, wash their hands before meeting customers, etc.

Staff and technicians should be asked to wear masks while working

      • From the customers side:
        • Instruct the customers on several ways to protect themselves from getting the virus as well as how to keep a general hygiene at the Spa.
        • Require customers to use hand sanitizer and wear a mask when using the service at the Spa. In affected areas, the Spa may perform a body temperature test before agreeing to provide services.
        • Notify customers of changes related to the operation of Spa so that customers are prepared before coming to Spa (For example, inform customers that they will be required to wash their hands more often or to be encountered a temperature check)

Spa can encourage customers to wash their hands before using the services

The actual facilities and conditions vary from Spa to Spa but to cope with negative situations like the Covid-19 epidemic, Spa owners and staff need to be more proactive in regularly disinfecting their facilities, as well as improve employee hygiene awareness.

The epidemic can be extremely frightening, but those who are calm and knowledgeable can protect themselves, their Spas and move forward!


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