about ms. karen

Karen Goh is both the founder and principal beauty consultant of Devotion Beautique (1995) and Personage Image Consultants (2003) in Singapore. In 2005, she had the intention to grow global and set up Le Forte Pte Ltd in Singapore. By 2017, she started a Training and Consultancy Firm named Le Forte Vietnam Ltd.

Karen has more than 24 years of experience as a beauty and skincare consultant, 15 years ago she began working as an online consultant for www.SingaporeBrides.com. She had trained in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the Maldives.

She develops and customizes programs to cater to the needs of every customer based on their personality and learning skills, in accordance with every corporate vision. Those who have attended her training have opened up new horizons in their lives.

Her best strength lies in her ability to encourage participants towards personal enhancement and self-leadership. Her activity-based training is strategically triggered to encourage participants to gain deeper insights beyond themselves.


Karen believes in the value of lifelong learning to acquire in-depth knowledge and relevant skills in helping her clients and travel extensively to upgrade herself.  Her motivation was fueled by the desire to educate and help people look after their wellbeing holistically and become more competitively confident in both their personal and professional lives.