Serious mistakes women often make when going to Skincare facilities

Peel to treat pigmentation or whiten the skin without knowing the frequency of Peel times.

Peeling skin is a method of using acid to peel away the stratum corneum or death cells of the skin due to UV rays from sunlight or hormones. Therefore, how is suitable for Peeling skin?

People need energy to maintain life. Skin also needs nutrients to be able to regenerate cells themselves. To peel means that you took away the top layer of the skin. The next layer is the young skin that needs proper care and protection.

But there are some women after they come to the spa to peel their skin, their skin condition is still not satisfactory. Although the spa has provided products that support post-peel care and enthusiastic guidance, these customers have not really paid attention to these instructions. By normal visualization, they feel after peeling in the Spa, their skin has become ruddy and healthy. So they thought it was unnecessary to protect their skin after Peel and they were confident to roam in the sun, not even using sunscreen.

Because of this incorrect thought, the client’s skin began to call for help after only 1 to 2 weeks. The amount of melanin released on the skin is even greater before peeling to protect itself. Therefore, the skin color is darker and become worse before treatment.

At that time, 100% sure that these customers will return to Spa complaining about their skin condition. A series of questions were asked: Why is my skin getting darker after peeling? Are Spa products really effective? What did you do to my skin? Any compensation for my face? I will sue you! A variety of problems arise. But maybe even the insiders do not know the reasons behind.

Customers do not follow the instructions after treatment and when an incident occurs, they will immediately blame the spas without being aware of their own responsibility for protecting their skin. Medications have their instructions before using, so do the skincare products!

That doesn’t mean the Spa owners and therapists are not involved. The condition of the skin becomes worse after treatment, so the client will definitely come to respond. In this case, do you know what some Spa owners have done? They were not interested in the current skin condition of the customer that suggested peeling skin a few more times. One of the problems of these unaware practitioners is the bad consequences for their skin. There have been many cases of personal and family life of customers affected after treatment.

The responsibility of beauticians is to help customers become more beautiful, more confident rather than directly creating the crisis for them. We can understand why customers often make such mistakes because they are not fully trained and do not have extensive knowledge of the skin. But we, who work directly and create beauty, can’t make the mistakes.

So how do we, the Spa owners and beauty therapists can protect customers as well as develop our business. All are in your hands! Customers need to equip themselves with extensive knowledge to protect themselves and to the unfortunate consequences. Therapists and Spa owners MUST be well trained to first protect customers, and secondly protect the Spa’s reputation.

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