The beauty care industry is one of the fastest growing industries in recent years. Vietnam is a market with a slow starting point but gradually catching up with the beauty trend in the world. It is forecast that in Vietnam every year about 2000 spa facilities will be established.

With increasing competition, what do those who want to open a small Spa need to keep in mind to be successful?


The beauty industry is indeed a promising land, but few can reach to the hall of fame. According to an expert posted on Cafebiz, more and more people are jumping in the beauty market. Statistics show that 90% of beauty establishments are led by people who have risen from being beauty technicians. But quite frankly, their total revenue was not equal to the remaining 10%.

Most small spas are built from experienced spa technicians with long experience in the profession. This may guarantee the quality of their Spa’s technical services but otherwise, they lack the skills of business management. In other words, they need training in the aspects to maintain the survival of the Spa such as Marketing, Sales or Human Management to meet the needs of the market.

If you are a Spa technician and are cherishing the dream of building a Spa for yourself,  do consider joining a course for Spa Owners to prepare thoroughly from the beginning.


A brand is an intangible asset of an enterprise. And for many small businesses, branding is just a logo!

Branding is one of the most important activities and needs the attention of the entire business. The branding process, in short, is the process of building the position of the business in the mind of the customers and delivering the core values of the business.

For a small spa, building your own brand means you have separated yourself from dozens of other spas and are able to attract more customers. Building a spa’s own brand also means that Spa is gradually creating trust in the target market with the commitment of the service and the value of Spa.


In a 2012 Global Spa and Wellness Summit report, hiring and maintaining skilled personnel is a real challenge for Spas.

Many small Spa owners often try to handle all the work at the Spa on their own and only seek more manpower if needed. In addition to the operating cost pressures, they do not seem to realize the importance of having a complete personnel system.

Spa owners need to carefully review their business model and need to recruit skilled personnel to the necessary departments, instead of just carrying everything on theirs. In contrast, a Spa that heavily relies only on one or two employees will have difficulty managing quality of service and lack of resources to expand its business model.

A capacity building course by Le Forte – Body Language

Spas also need to develop welfare policies as well as offer skills training opportunities to both improve service quality and retain technicians.


Service industry in general and the beauty care industry in particular are the people industry. A successful Spa is not a Spa with the highest rated treatment, but a good service standard, meeting the needs of customers and making them satisfied when spending time at the facility.

Any spa facility can think of building an optimal customer service system, but not everyone is considering setting specific standards. Setting up service standards is crucial and it helps Spa to manage customer journeys as well as to ensure customer satisfaction.

With a standard in place, it can save the sales for the Spa too! For example, a customer booked an appointment at 2pm today. And customers are unpredictable sometimes. They might not just show up to the Spa appointment without leaving any notice.  In this scenario, if the Spa has set up the standard process of receiving customers, the receptionist should have made a check call at least an hour before the appointment time with the customer to make sure this person is coming. If not, they might just keep reserving the facial bed for that customer and refuse to give it to another customer!

Spa owners can start setting up Spa standards such as establishing codes of conduct when meeting customers for receptionists, or consulting Le Forte VN in developing a process of receiving customers (including things to do before the customers come to the Spa and after the completion of treatment, etc.).


A successful Spa owner is someone who balances the two elements: Professional knowledge & Business management skills. For spa technicians who wish to become a Spa owner, the addition of knowledge about Spa management is very necessary.

Currently, there are many management courses for Spa owners. Most of these courses will help students understand all about establishing the vision of the business, learn about how to build a personal brand and the whole business or set up the standards of Spa services.

For those who are intending to have additional expertise and want to open a Spa, the S3 Course – Skin Solution System by Le Forte VN is one of the most comprehensive training programs equipped for those who have dare to dream of success in the field of beauty care!

With a well-designed training program based on in-depth knowledge of the skin combined with rich experience from lecturers who have 24 years of experience in the field of beauty, students will learn how to:

  • In-depth knowledge about the Skin and the Spa
  • Improve Spa techniques as well as customer consulting skills
  • Level up your Spa Standards
  • Improve the competitiveness of Spa
  • Enhance the quality of customer service
  • How to leverage existing products to solve skin problems
  • Master available products as well as how to identify and apply high quality products to the Spa
  • Get the Training Certificate after the course

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